Monday, May 9, 2011


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The CNC weight loss diet is not a diet program in the traditional sense. It does not tell you what to eat or when to eat. It does not count calories. It does not tell you to add things to your diet that you would not normally eat. Would you rather lose weight eating bacon and eggs or eating a rice cake with cottage cheese. Well with the CNC Weight Loss program you can eat anything you want. What you decide to eat is all up to you.

There are hundreds of variations of every kind of diet. But the bottom line is, to lose weight, you have to consume less calories than you use up in a day. Now calories are important, but they are not restrictive. Meaning a little more calories here, and a little less calories there, is not going to have a large impact on the final goal. Most diets subtract foods that you like and in return they add foods that you hate, or would not normally eat.

With any change in one's daily diet, you may find that you are hungry from time to time. With the CNC Diet, you'll find that you are more often not hungry more than you will find that you are hungry. You're not depriving yourself of any foods that you like, So you don't get that feeling like you're missing something. You choose the foods that you eat. The CNC Diet will also help to cancel out cravings. Hunger and cravings are the number one enemy of any diet program.

The number two enemy of any diet program is family and friends. Although they mean well they can do more damage than they realize. Family and friends do not like to see you change. More often than not when you tell a family member or a friend that you are on a diet. It seems to be some unconscious signal for them to shove foods into your face.


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