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So it is best, when starting a new diet program to keep it to yourself for the first couple weeks. And you'll find that people you have not seen in a while will notice that you are losing weight. And if they ask you if you are on a diet tell them no. Because you're not on a diet. Or if someone offers you a type of food that you choose not to eat, be polite and tell them, "no thanks." And when they ask you, "why?, Are you on a diet?" Tell them "No, I can eat anything I want, I just do not want eat that right now." Which would be the truth. Because with the CNC Diet program, you're the one that chooses which foods you will eat. The CNC Diet program will not change your diet, it will change your life.

The CNC Diet program will not require you to count calories in the traditional sense. But you will be asked to keep track of your calories. It is important for you to know how many calories you are consuming in a day. But you're not going to be doing math trying to figure out what you can and cannot eat. The way you will track your calories is by keeping a daily food log. A really good Web site to help you calculate how many calories are in a particular food is located on our "Links" page.

The CNC Diet program will give you the knowledge to use this information and it will transform you in a miraculous way. You will find yourself losing weight without feeling hungry or without craving unhealthy foods. This diet is more effective because it makes you more effective and keeps you in control of your food consumption.

The CNC Diet program works. I know because I went through the same thing that you are going through. This program allows you to see your progress and understand exactly where you are in your journey to a fit and trim you. So when you feel that your not making progress you will be able to check yourself and see that you are making progress. This will motivate you and encourage you to continue your journey. And one bad day will not discourage you and cause you to throw away all the good days because you will see the overall progress, and feel good about it.